My first ever trip out of the country. Day one.

Hola amigos!

Today I am writing to you from a hotel room overlooking Lake Erie. It’s pretty nice.

I’m on my way to another country for the first time ever! I know what you must be thinking. “Tom, you’re 25 and you’ve never been out of the country?!” Yessir.

Can you guess which country I’m planning on going to? Hint (In case the Erie reference wasn’t enough):

  • It’s north.

If you guessed Mexico, you’re wrong!  I’m planning on going to Canada.

There are several reasons why Canada, of all places:

  1. I probably won’t get kidnapped.
  2. I can drive there in my car and avoid jet lag.
  3. It’s cheap. At the moment the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar. That means I can eat more food.
  4. They speak English. I hope. And that means I should be able to find my way around without a translator.

Thus far, my trip has not been entirely smooth. While exiting a tollway near Cleveland, Ohio, I discovered that my wallet was missing! Awkward turtle…but luckily I had a backup stash of cash in my trunk (note: I don’t always do, so don’t try to bust into my trunk) that I could pay the toll agent.

After forgetting that I was a Christian and saying some phrases that would make any old church lady blush, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that my wallet was probably just at the last service station I was at…which was 20 miles west. After arriving there, I was informed by the clerk that no wallets had been found recently, but she would give me the phone number of the service station that was 40 miles west of that one. Lo and behold, the number I called there confirmed my wallet was there!

After backtracking more than 60 miles and paying an extra $8 in tolls, I got my wallet back.

The moral of the story is: don’t cuss. Things will turn out fine.

So wish me the best of luck as I continue my journey tomorrow to Canada!

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