My first ever trip out of the country. Days five and six.

Hola amigos!

The last couple of days were spent getting lost in the countryside of Canada. My GPS worked approximately 15% of the time, but I found out that Canada’s rest stops are much, much nicer than any I’ve seen in America. Two words: leather chairs. 

Canadians are also much “greener” than us oily slobs. There are probably at least two recycling stations outside each building.

Some of the streets had funny names, too.

(For the record, this street was still better than 90% of the roads in Illinois. Not a pothole in sight.)

Even though I was lost most of the time, I still managed to end up at my destination: Pinery Provincial Park. Just look at how beautiful the park is:


Sike! The photos above were actually taken at Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto. That park was beautiful, too, and had the peaceful sounds of birds, leaves rustling in the wind, and car horns blaring on the nearby highway.

Pinery Provincial Park was quieter, and I had the chance to go kayaking and taking long walks on the beach.


Canada is a mighty fine country. I recommend going there, if for no other reason than they share the same time zones as we do and you won’t get jet lag.


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