Michigan is Nice.

Hello, friends and foes and everyone in between!

Today I am writing from a campground near the beautiful town of Mackinaw City, Michigan. Check it out sometime. If you’re from Illinois, it’s about six hours from the border but it’s a hundred times nicer.

I am currently on vacation. Like most people, I have difficulty unplugging from all the comforts of modern life, so I am still making the most of the free Wi-Fri offered at the camp (unfortunately, the streaming speed is too slow to watch funny animal videos on Youtube …oh, First World problems). Nonetheless, it has been a refreshing four days so far in Michigan.

Day one:

I visited an old friend from high school in Grand Rapids. It was very last minute, but a nice detour. We haven’t seen each other in five or six years and it was a nice reminder that God will often let you see your friends again in life, even if you move to a different state. Someone once said, “For the Christian, there is no such thing as ‘Goodbye’.”

Day two:

I decided to climb the sand at Sleeping Bear Dunes. I learned a couple things:

  1. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Climbing on sand probably burns 19 times more calories than on a flat surface.
  2. It was a lot warmer than I thought it would be (my phone said 90 degrees).
  3. The dunes were a lot bigger than I thought they would be. I walked for almost an hour toward the direction of the lake and still didn’t make it all the way to the water; I had to turn back to the parking lot to get water and food.

Day three:

The colors of the leaves seem to change sooner in Michigan than my home state of Illinois. I’m no scientist, but maybe it’s because Michigan is more northern…?

Also, I headed to Headlands International Dark Sky Park to look at thousands of stars, but as fate (or God) would have it, there was too much cloud cover. I saw probably one star, and even that may have been an aircraft.

Day four:

Just chilling and reading some books at the campground. Tonight I’m hoping to glimpse at least two stars tonight. #doublesuccess

Tomorrow, I am planning to drive up to the Upper Peninsula to look at trees and stuff.

Anyhoo, I hope your life is nice and dandy, wherever you may be on this fine planet.

Until next time,


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